Loco Dojo Developer Sam Watts on Make[Real] and British VR

The reports and coverage of VR dying is absolute nonsense.

Level 39 in partnership with PwC, the London VR and AR Association organized the Great British VR where various companies working in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). A list of the companies that participated and a recap video can be found here. One of the companies VRFocus spoke to was Make Real’s Director of Immersive Technologies Sam Watts, who also happens to be voted the 12th most influential VR influencer on Twitter about what Make Real has been doing in the field of VR.

Make Real is the developer behind VR videogame Loco Dojo but it also focuses on corporate training. At Level 39 Make Real showcased a prototype training simulation VR experience for a global telecommunications company. Designed to showcase the long and treacherous climb maintenance crews have to take up mobile phone masts. The prototype acts as an outreach awareness program that allow other departments to understand the role and help change the concept that the job of maintenance crew is easy. The prototype can also be an actual health and safety training programme for maintenance crew members, with health and safety information that appears, spotting hazard interactions and testing of vertigo on the first floor of some scaffolding. If users are unable to handle the first floor, Watts explains that they wouldn’t bring them up the mobile phone mast. They do a sweat test when the user finishes, seeing how sweaty the controllers are to tell how terrified users were or how authentic the experience was. Built in the Oculus Rift, Make Real have showcased this around various events and Watts explains that like all people who try VR for the first time: “they suddenly have their head filled with ideas of things they could use it for.” Make Real try to workshop with clients to narrow down the focus to a valid use case, rather than using VR just for the sake of using VR.

Beside the fact they create VR videogames, work in finance big data as well as building training simulations, Make Real have also done some porting, supporting Immersive VR Education to bring Apollo 11  to Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream from the Oculus Rift. Since setting up four years ago Make Real have grown from a team of four members to fifteen and are keen for standalone headsets to help reach the consumer market. Watch the video below to learn more about the Brighton VR community and Make Real.

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