Life in 360°: The Watercolour World Of A Water Covered World

We’ve seen many a 360 degree video on Life in 360° over the course of 2017.  Certainly, well over a hundred when you take into consideration the multiple days a week and occasional multiple videos. In that time we’ve had everything from space travel to sport and from the remembering the darker moments of the year to the most joyous of any.

Mostly though we’ve only had plain film as the visualisation, though we have also had a claymation 360 degree experience not that long ago too. Today’s video is in the same bracket of ‘unique’ videos because today’s choice for Life in 360° is animated and painted in watercolours.

In Places Through The Artist’s Visions three artists came together to bring a unique twist to a typical ‘street view’ 360 degree scene. With VR Compositor Daniele Pugni, Watercolor painter Maja Wrońska and titles, logo and logo animation artist Marco Martina working together to bring Burano – an island in Venice, Italy – to life. A project that took them a year to complete in their spare time.

“The idea is to show places through various artists eyes, the world is amazing but sometimes the creative vision is even better.” Explains the video’s description. “Each artist had complete freedom. Maja [Wrońska] has drawn seven different paintings within straight perspective lines which has been stitched together and animated omnidirectional. Daniele combined all sketches into one 360 equilateral drawing. We repeated the workflow for watercolour paintings.”

“The animation is designed to be Omni directional, the user can choose where and what to look at, for this reason there is almost always something moving in any of the portions of the Virtual Reality window.”

It truly is quite the sight to see the colourful buildings come alive as the (digital) paint washes over them. Burano as a location is known for having very brightly painted buildings and that certainly comes through. You, of course, can see the result below. It’s certainly a contender for the most original video we’ve featured here this year.

VRFocus will be back on Monday at the usual time (sort of) with a new Life in 360°.  You’ll see what I mean then.