Life In 360°: The City Of Wisdom On A Planet Called Mars

When it comes to 360 degree video, and virtual reality (VR) in general we often find ourselves talking about space. Be it learning about space, watching the people and machines that go into space, playing VR videogames about space travel, fighting in space, the colonisation of far away planets, and so on and so forth.

Today’s 360 degree video is a factual one, in that it is about space travel – or at least planned space travel. But it is not from NASA, or SpaceX in America. Nor is it from the Russian Space Federation, or from China or the European Space Agency, or any of the usual sources in which you can usually count on for such information. This plan actually comes from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

At the World Government Summit (WGS) back in February the UAE announced through a VR experience their desire and intent to build a settlement on Mars. A shining city of the future. This is, obviously, a long-term goal but the UAE has pencilled in 2117 as to when they would like to see this dream come to fruition.

Last week the WGS released the 360 degree video pitch of the idea originally shown at the event by the UAE onto YouTube so everyone could see it – and you can see it below.

The video, which last just shy of seven minutes you are first welcomed to the red planet before being shown round the various works and buildings, showcasing what the UAE is calling ‘The City of Wisdom’ – not just the first city on Mars created by the UAE, but the first habitable city on Mars in its entirety and host to well over half a million Martian settlers.  The City of Wisdom, like its name, will focus on some educational and research aspects with both a university and series of laboratories as part of the buildings. Although there is obviously plenty to see beyond this, and inside the large domes.

VRFocus will be back on Friday, both in the present and on the Earth but with another example of how people and organisations are looking to use 360 degree video in creative ways. We’ll see you then.