Life In 360°: Terra Australis

So yesterday on Life In 360° we spent a long time in the company of some sort of Mickey Mouse organisation – I forget their name – and I did suggest at the end of it that we would be dipping back into the realm of the factual for today’s video. Well, that’s certainly going to be the case I’m pleased to say. I’m also pleased to reveal that once again you’ve got multiple videos to watch today. It’s a video extravaganza on Li360 this week!

Since we’ve not been back with them for a while let’s check back in with the team over at National Geographic for a couple of their excellent videos. And, as we’re in this festive season it only makes sense that we take in a land of ice and snow.  So, we’re off to… Antarctica.

At this point some of you will probably be confused because you were expecting something in Australia. Which is actually kind of understandable since Australia was indeed named after Terra Australis – which is Latin for Southern Land. That term was, however, coined in ancient times for a continent that was only believed to exist and appeared on maps (again, only as a ‘we think it’s there’) from the 15th century.  Australia would be named after the term because it was believed it was the most southern landmass and nothing else was there.

Then they found Antarctica. Whoops.

But by that point people had kind of gotten used to calling Australia, well, Australia by that point and so there was no desire to switch the name! Enough of the history lesson though, let’s get travelling! In the first video Antarctica – Unexpected Snow from October 2016 a storm is coming in to the Errera Channel. NatGeo explores a penguin and seal colony.

In Antarctica – Journey Through The Ice from just over a year ago, NatGeo takes you on an icebreaker – a ship capable of traversing the ice fields. Much to the bemusement of some of the locals.

That’s all for now, but VRFocus will be back tomorrow at the same time with another Life in 360°. I’ll see you then.