Life In 360°: One Last Christmas Time

So obviously Christmas Day has come and gone and we’re only a small period of time away from 2018. By the time this goes out some people will already be in the following year whilst we’re all kicking about in 2017 still. Talk about being behind the times, huh?

Now considering the day I could probably find something appropriate online for you to enjoy. Sadly, there has yet to be a 360 degree version of Dinner For One made. Which feels like a missed opportunity, frankly. Someone please sort that out for this time next year. I’d hate for it to be the “same procedure as every year”.

But, whilst a 360 degree video of last year’s Hogmanay, or the fireworks shooting off and going kaboom over Sydney Harbour and the opera house that’s there I could probably locate. I do feel myself harking back to the idea of Christmas and Christmas celebrations. I don’t really want to let go just yet.

So, with that in mind we’re off in our little 360 degree time machine to Wesley Chapel, Florida in 2016 for a full on musical display courtesy of some Christmas trees. Or alternatively a lot of lights set in sequence to Wizards In Winter by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  It’s a Symphony in Lights and it’s today’s Life In 360° video.

The five tree display is put on by the people at Wiregrass Mall (‘The Shops at Wiregrass’) and is, it seems, something of a tradition at this point. Should you look online you’ll find footage of the display from as far back as 2009 with merely a cursory search on YouTube.  Of course, things were a bit more sedate and traditional in those days. Less rock music and more traditionally festive musical fayre. A few years later however, and the performing pines were rocking out with the best of them.

Here however ends Life In 360° for another year. Not that you have to wait long for us to resume our hunt for all things 360 degrees. Come back tomorrow at the same time to find out where our journey takes us next, here on VRFocus. But most importantly have a very happy New Year.