Life in 360°: Malta Or Bust

If you read Monday’s edition of Life in 360° you’ll know that the entirety of the VRFocus team is, for the first time ever, not anywhere in the United Kingdom.

In fact, we’ve all gone off for a few days to Malta to relax – see: work in a different country for some reason. Now on Monday I showed you the result of my first attempt to find a video of the island in 360 degrees. Instead of Malta… we got a road in Austria. That was somewhat unexpected. So today we’re rectifying that with a series of videos from people showcasing the various parts of Malta. Some, hopefully, we will be checking out ourselves personally. I can’t confirm which for sure since this is post is being written about a week in advance.

The first video comes YouTube channel All Around You and shows off not just Malta but also Gozo, the northern isle of the archipelago.  Check out the blue seas and rocky cliffs, the local port from a stone pier, take a trip on a double decker bus through the fields and valleys and take in some of the older buildings.

Now this one might get a bit confusing at points.  This video belongs to Mr. David Paris and shows off some of the highlights of his holiday.  Predominantly on or under the water. Check out the end where David is actually diving above a wreck.

And this final video isn’t really a video as such at all, but a collection of 360 degree photographs by Joanna Pacia from March last year. Whilst not an example of Malta moving you may still find it moving as we travel to a variety of different, more urban area located within the country.

Still that may give you an idea as to some of some of the places we may be visiting.  If you could go on holiday at this time of year where would you be going? Let me know in the comments. VRFocus will be back in the UK and also back with another Life in 360° degrees this coming Friday.  Be sure to check that out.