Life In 360°: It’s Coming Down

We’ve got a bit of music today in the form of some light seasonal jazz. Which, let’s face it, is not an invitation you hear that often. When was the last time anyone offered you light seasonal anything? Exactly. But jazz it is.

The music in question for today’s video sends us back to around this time two years ago and to a concert hosted by the band The New Standards, a trio from Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States of America. Comprised of members of a number of other bands, notably Trip Shakespeare and popular follow up group Semisonic with bass player John Munson a member of the group.  The New Standards appears to be something of an ‘occasional’ collective, who more often than not perform covers of not just popular hits and the back catalogue of their previous bands, but reinterpretations of other songs from a variety of both genres and eras. With everything from David Bowie, Joy Division and The Clash to tracks by Rodgers and Hammerstein all performed in their light jazz style.

One of the things The New Standards are also known for is their apparent love of Christmas music. Whils the trio have released four albums over the last decade – the last of which in 2015 was actually called Decade – they have also released a trio of EP’s specifically of seasonal music. With covers of everything from God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Silent Night and Good King Wenceslas. They’ve also got in a habit of performing a holiday show – which is where this video comes in.

For today’s 360 degree video we take a trip to one of those holiday spectaculars put on by the The New Standards, complete with a supporting band as they perform one of their specialties; a version of Trip Shakespeare’s song Snow Days. A song about how with the coming of snow everything is closed and the fruitless efforts of a teacher in getting in to work when her class just isn’t going to be there.

VRFocus will have another Life In 360° tomorrow. We’ll see you then. For now though here’s snow in the air, and it’s coming down…