Life In 360°: Find Me

There’s certainly been some clever and creative uses of 360 degree video that we’ve shown throughout 2017. There’s also been an increasing number of creepy videos that have come along as well. (Thank you very much indeed, IT.) Well BlackBoxTV are looking to combine the two, although with a slight bias towards the former.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoIn the video series Find Me the aim of the game is to make contact with and find Julia Zamora. The story goes that in August this year, Julia entered the Devil’s Gate Dam in Los Angeles, California. This proved to be something of a mistake as she proceeded to just disappear into thin air. There are no clues. There is no trace. It is your job to find Julia and the best way of doing that is to go into the Devil’s Gate Dam after her.

Find Me is a cross-media treasure hunt. It’s up to you to figure out where to find the ‘episodes’ of story are, watch the first, then decipher the clues to the next and so on. Each episode has a number of codes, clues and puzzles. You use this to unlock information only available in the companion app, a childlike A.I. called Maya. Gameplay shifts to the real world on Christmas Day, 2017 and the app “becomes your key to unlock locations in the real world”.

If you succeed in your task you’ll actually find Julia and will win a (real) gold amulet that features in the series. Half treasure hunt, half-missing persons enquiry everything begins with a 360 degree video simply called Game. And as it says at the beginning, “This is a game. A game meant to win. Collect the clues, join the game and Find Me.”

Your quest begins below. Good hunting. VRFocus will be back on Friday with another edition of Life in 360°.