Life In 360°: A Waterfall By Any Other Name

By the time you read this particular edition of Life In 360° the VRFocus staff, en masse, will probably be in the air. This is something of a unique situation that has never happened in the near three years of yours truly kicking around the place. We’ve met up as a group to cover important events but there’s never been an occasion where the whole team has gone overseas.

And as long-time readers of VRFocus know for me that really just doesn’t happen at all as I’m the one always left behind, so this really is quite the occasion. As for why we’re going overseas, well, it just so happens that the management think it’d be nice if we got away from it all and settled back for a few days break together. And hey I’m all up for nice things happening to us.

So where are we presently airborne in the direction of? Malta. Now me being me I thought it would be a nice touch if today’s Life In 360° video came from Malta. However, when I looked it up the first video that actually came up was not in Malta at all – but in Austria.

This may very well seem like quite the navigational error, as although I’m sure there’s never been a need to compare the two it’d be reasonable to assume you would have to go some to get Malta and Austria mixed up. However, the Austrian area responsible for today’s video is called the Malta Hochalmstraße, a.k.a. the Malta High Alpine Road, which the National Park website for the region refers to as “one of the most spectacular roads in the Alps”.

“At 911m above sea level, it starts its 14.4 km long journey and, taking you past the Malta Water Spectacles and through six natural-stone tunnels, it climbs to an altitude of about 1,900m. The destination is the crest of the Kölnbrein dam; at 200m tall, it is the highest dam in Austria.”

Moreover, there’s also a forest area with this fantastic bridge over a waterfall, captured in 360 degree video by the team at ARound 360 Video Production.  You can see it below. Meanwhile, VRFocus will be back on Wednesday for our next example of 360 degree video in action. We’ll see you then.