Life in 360°: A Right Holly Dazzler

We see out the ‘standard’ week on VRFocus with a bang – and why not? It has, after all, been quite the last few day what with us flying over to Malta to enjoy ourselves. At least we are, assuming all has gone well and we’ve not hurled the Editor into the sea, back home safely.

Today’s video is far from both Malta and the United Kingdom and for it we instead have to go over to America, Virginia specifically, for ‘Hollydazzle’.

The outdoor event has just celebrated its 14th edition of the annual pre-holiday season event at City Center at Oyster Point. There’s songs, dancing, family activities and so forth, but the highlight is a big fireworks and special effects show – and the lighting of the 45 foot Christmas tree.

The event, which is free and hosted by Newport News Parks, Recreation & Tourism continues to be popular; last year alone it attracted a whopping 30,000 people making it by far and away the biggest event that Newport News puts on during the year. It’s quite the undertaking, but certainly one that is appreciated by all; from local families, tourists and performers to those going around in costume just having fun.

“What makes it unique is the BayPort Credit Union Fountains of Light fireworks show. The show is presented ‘in the round,’ with the crowd encircling the City Center fountains where the fireworks are launched from floating islands.” Explained Newport News Parks, Recreation and Tourism Promotions Planner Renee Popernack to the Daily Press. “People often say they feel they are inside the fireworks show, and I think that is an accurate description of the Hollydazzle experience.”

And on this occasion, it was the team from the Daily Press who brought their 360 degree camera in to film the fireworks display going off. At seven minutes long it’s quite a sight, and you can of course look around and take in the various families enjoying the show and the area in general.

VRFocus will be back this coming Monday with another example of 360 degree video being used out and about. Where in the world will we end up next? Join us then at the usual time to find out.