Life in 360°: A Canadian Christmas Carol On Ice

Well, we’re here. December the 25th 2017. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody.  Now this time last year I’d saved up something a little bit special with, as I put it, “a dash of Disney magic”, courtesy of the entire World Of Color – Season Of Light show. This year for Christmas Day we’ve got something a bit more intimate, and certainly more in keeping to the festivities themselves.

Is there a more timeless Christmas centred story than that of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol? I mean, besides the obvious other one? It’s a tale that’s been adapted, readapted and retold countless times over the years and yet it’s still a story you keep coming back to at this time of year. Not only that there’s a good chance you’ll take it in countless times. Perhaps you’ll make a point of reading, or listening to, the original book itself. Maybe you’ll take in a television adaptation (see the Patrick Stewart version for a great example) or one of the countless films made of, and on, the classic tale. Be it Bill Murray’s Scrooged, Albert Finney’s musical version, Alistair Sim’s 1951 classic or Jim Carrey’s CGI Scrooge. Then there’s also Disney’s version with their own Scrooge, one Mr.McDuck. And then there’s The Muppet Christmas Carol. Who on Earth could forget that?

There’s even a film about Dickens himself in the cinema at the moment: The Man Who Invented Christmas.

For today though we’re off to Canada and to the Theatre Calgary to take in a scene from a stage adaptation of A Christmas Carol.  We’re coming in right at the “God bless us, everyone” from Tiny Tim, and the whole cast bursts into song thereafter. Except that the main ensemble cast are all on ice skates. Because of course they are.

So here we are, the finale to ‘A Canadian Christmas Carol on Ice’ from the very centre of the stage.

There’s still plenty to look out for on VRFocus today. There’s the second part of The Virtual Arena‘s look at all the crazy goings on at this year’s IAAPA Expo and more besides. Life in 360° will be back at the same time tomorrow for more appropriately festive adventures in 360 degree video.