Killing Floor: Incursion’s ‘Holdout’ Horde Mode is all About Those Power-ups

Fans of creepy zombie shooter videogames will not have missed the Killing Floor: Incursion. Released in August this year, Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor: Incursion for Oculus Rift included Oculus Touch support from day one. With four to six hours of campaign to play in virtual reality (VR) many fans felt like there was still something missing that they were accustomed to playing in Killing Floor: Horde Mode. VRFocus speak to John Gibson, president of Tripwire Interactive about how they’ve added ‘Holdout’, a horde mode for one or two players, just in time for the PlayStation VR launch of the videogame.

Killing Floor: Incursion screenshot

The story unfolds with you as an elite Horzine Security Forces soldier who is tasked with dealing with an outbreak called Zed, unleashing hordes of horrific creatures which have similarities to zombies. With a range of weapons from pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, grenades and knives you can also have melee weapons for close combat fighting. Now for anybody who owns a copy of Killing Floor: Incursion you now get a free update that allows players to access Holdout mode, more commonly known as a ‘horde mode’.

Players will find a single location that they will be charged with defending for as long as possible, the Zeds become progressively more powerful, aggressive and boss-level creatures start entering the location to the point where you might have to fend yourself against four simultaneously. Gibson explains that there is a strategy to defeating the enemies, and it comes to timing and choosing the appropriate power-ups. These will help you get further and get you higher scores as well, which help when it comes to ranking on the global leaderboard.

Choose power-ups options such as:
  • Unlimited ammo: eliminates the need to reload and reduces recoil of the barrel
  • Vampire: steal health from enemies
  • Berseker: gives you 4x strength
  • Nuke: Kills every enemy in the vicinity
  • Zed Time: slows time

To make things even more challenging you’ll have to not only prepare, fight and kill Zeds that come at you but also long range Zeds as well. Gibson says that various enemies can really scare people trying it out in VR, some of them ripping the headset off or even jumping on desks. Since speaking to Gibson at Oculus Connect 4, Killing Floor: Incursion has launched for HTC Vive as of the 7th Novembe2017, and is now also moving to the PlayStation VR, but with no specific date confirmed.

For more tips and tricks on ranking higher on the global leaderboard watch the video below and stay right here at VRFocus for all the latest details on Killing Floor: Incursion.