Keep on Trucking as HipFire Games Reveal Team-based Experience Failspace

Comedy virtual reality (VR) experiences come in all shapes and sizes, from Owlchemy Labs’ slapstick Job Simulator or Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality to slightly darker endeavours like AccountingThe latest to be announced comes from fledgling VR studio HipFire Games, with its multiplayer focused, team building title, Failspace.


In Failspace you and your team are space truckers on a ship that’s barely being held together. Problems will arise and you need to communicate and work as a team to overcome the malfunctions, leaks, breakages and various cargo-based hazards.

HipFire Games were inspired by popular panic-inducing titles like Spaceteam and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodeschallenging you and your friends to complete evermore difficult cargo missions to earn money, with the real task being survival.

“It’s one thing to play on your computer screen but another thing entirely to physically pull levers, fix leaks and replace fuel filters inside a ‘real’ spaceship,” said Antti Sartanen, the CEO of HipFire Games in a statement. “With all that action around you, you quickly forget that you’re not really there. That’s why we decided to make it more of a fun and tongue-in-cheek type of experience. You’re already experiencing enough pressure as it is!”


Failspace supports 1-5 players, so even if there’s no one online to team up with you can still try and carry out the missions by yourself. Currently HipFire Games hasn’t revealed an official release date yet, simply giving a launch window of 2018. Another little cravat of information the team are staying quiet on is which platform Failspace will be coming to. With all the hand interactivity it’s unlikely to be any of the mobile headsets, so expect either Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and possibly Windows Mixed Reality.

Check out the first teaser trailer for Failspace below, showcasing some for the gameplay and antics you’ll be getting up to. As further details are revealed VRFocus will keep you updated.