Kandao Introduces Depth-Mapping to 360-degree Camera Software

New levels of immersion are possible for content creators using Kandao Obsidian cameras.

Chinese-based manufacturer Kandao Technology are probably best known for their range of 360-degree and virtual reality (VR) cameras, such as the Kandao Obsidian. The company has now announced that users of the Kandao Obsidian will soon be able to use a new feature depth-based rendering.

Kandao Technology has announced that the beta version of its Obsidian 3D VR camera stitching software will allow users to generate depth maps from 36-degree footage captured by Obsidian cameras. This will allow a range of new possibilities to open up for users to create VR and 360-degree experiences.

The Obsidian R and S models were launched earlier this year, both of which were accompanied by Kandao Studio, which used sophisticated learning algorithms to stitch together high-quality stereoscopic 360-degree stills and videos.

Now Kandao is introducing a depth-based rendering stitching mode which will estimate the pixel-wise depth of the captured frames and render the panorama accordingly. This allows for the creations of more comfortable VR experiences, as the movement of the scene will appear more natural to human eyes.

Another related feature added to the software in the ability for content creators to export the depth maps in 360-degree post-production, allowing for depth-based visual effects to be added in software such as Adobe After Effects. Kandao is also working towards exploring the possibility of introducing 6DoF to create more immersive VR experiences that let users move their head in a more comfortable and natural way.

The Kandao Obsidian R and S cameras received awards at this year’s CES for ‘Best of Innovation’. The Obsidian R allows for up to 8K of resolution in 3D-360-degree videos, while the Obsidian S is optimised for high frame-rate, able to capture up to 120fps at 4K resolution. Both models are priced at $6,999 (USD). Further information can be found on the Kandao website.

A short video on the depth-mapping function of the Kandao software is available to view below.

VRFocus will bring you further news on the Kandao Obsidian as it becomes available.

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