Head Bang in VR as Wacken Heavy Metal Music Festival Goes Immersive

There have been plenty of 360-degree and virtual reality (VR) music experiences launch, whether your into live shows or music videos there’s something for everyone available. Today, heavy metal fans will be able to don their Samsung Gear VR headsets and travel to Wacken for its annual music festival.

The Welcome to Wacken app is the creation of Banger Films and Secret Location, with the former combining its award-winning storytelling experience with the latter’s VR content distribution platform, Vusr.

Welcome to Wacken In-Headset Menu Screen

Rather than being a series of live shows, Welcome to Wacken is an interactive music documentary which unfolds over chapters, with a run time of 23 minutes. The story unfolds through the perspective of four festival attendees, with new content unlocked as the story progresses. Viewers can decide what to experience next thanks to an explorable CG map of the festival.

“Our goal with Welcome To Wacken was to bring viewers closer than ever to that feeling of being at Wacken,” said Sam Dunn, Director, Banger Films. “To do this, we did something quite simple: we put the cameras up and let them roll. With the advantage of a full 360 perspective, shooting in VR offered us the opportunity to surround the viewer with the sights and sounds of Wacken. Our goal was to put viewers in the beer gardens, party tents, wrestling rings and mosh pits that make the world’s biggest metal festival so unique.”

“But we also wanted Welcome To Wacken to be more than just a high-energy, sensory experience,” Dunn continues. “We wanted to create a story about what it’s like to be a metal fan on Planet Metal. We pre-selected four groups of fans from different parts of the world with different levels of “Wacken experience.” We hoped this would bring viewers as close as possible to understanding the transformative power of Wacken for metalheads.”

Welcome to Wacken is available on Samsung Gear VR, and for the first time on iOS and Google Cardboard. For the latest musical VR updates, keep reading VRFocus.