Going Up? Elevator… to the Moon! Arrives on the HTC Vive Floor

ROCCAT Games Studio maybe a fledgling endeavour of the gaming peripherals manufacturer with a small team of three,  releasing its first title Elevator… to the Moon! last month but that doesn’t mean their aspirations are small. With the initial launch supporting Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, this week has also seen the virtual reality (VR) title make its way to Steam and HTC Vive.

The release on Steam was made possible thanks to a recent update which saw Elevator… to the Moon! add full roomscale support so players can select from traditional point-and-click or roomscale right from the title screen.

The comedic puzzle experience takes you on an adventure to the stars, where you play a space repairman. You’re tasked with fulfilling the ridiculous demands of President of the World, Doug Slater-Roccmeier who’s demanding that his broken space elevator is fixed. In doing so you’ll find all sorts of items to play with, some of which Slater-Roccmeier doesn’t exactly want you to find. As you complete puzzles and find new things the President will accordingly react and comment on your actions.

Helmed by Marc Barnes, with Carsten Busold as developer and Hannah Paulmann as the resident artist, Elevator… to the Moon! was created in a round 10 months, initially for Gear VR before work on the Oculus Rift version took place in parallel.

To ensure Elevator… to the Moon! isn’t just a single playthrough one trick pony the team made sure that after you’ve finished the storyline, there is a perplexing alternate ending to experience, many achievements to unlock and fun little secrets to be discovered.

To celebrate the launch of Elevator… to the Moon! on Steam there’s a limited time discount price available. Until 6th December you can pickup the title for $7.99 USD/ £5.75 GBP. After the offer has ended it’ll return to its regular price of $9.99/£7.19.

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