Gather Resources, Build a Fleet and Design Your own Ships in Casual RTS Experience void LINK

Whether you’ve had a busy Christmas or plan to have an even busier New Year, there’s always time to fit it some casual virtual reality (VR) gaming. This week German indie studio Zentrifuge has released its first VR title for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, a casual real-time strategy (RTS) title called void LINK. 

void link miningOperation

Available through Steam Early Accessvoid LINK puts you in the role of a Field Co-ordinator’ working for an intergalactic mining consortium. It’s up to you to successfully run resource extraction operations in far-out regions of space, not only mining resources but also creating your own fleet and taking on hostiles as and when necessary.

With the fleet building, you don’t just gather resources to buy bigger and better ships, you can actually create your own custom ships. Zentrifuge has created a voxel-style editor so that every ship can be built using basic building blocks – Laser, Propulsion, Sensors, Armour, Missiles, Shield – however you like. The design can even done during battle, enabling players to counteract specific threats should they not already be equipped to do so.

The current early access version features both online gameplay to test your skills against friends, alongside a global leaderboard, and there’s also a single-player mode for you to practice against AI opponents. With early access expected to last up to 12 months, Zentrifuge plans on adding a total of 12 modules for ship building with reduced restrictions on how they can be applied. A short single-player campaign will be introduced to further explore the title away from PvP, and the AI opponents in practice play will offer more of a challenge.

void LINK Ship editing

The Steam Early Access title is available with a 40 percent launch discount until 3rd January. So HTC Vive and Oculus Rift owners can pick it up for £4.31 GBP rather than £7.19. For any further updates as void LINK continues development, keep reading VRFocus.