Foundry Launch Updated Version of Cara VR Editing Tool

Last year, The Foundry launched the a plugin for its NUKE editing toolkit called Cara VR, which was designed to speed up the process of editing and reviewing virtual reality (VR) and 3600degree video content. A new version of this plugin has now been launched, titled Cara 2.0.

The new version features several updates that improve the processes of stitching, 360 match-move tracking and automatic stabilisation along with new tools for stereoscopic corrections using algorithms from Ocula.

Cara 2.0 has introduced a new GlobalWarp node to speed up the stitching process, allowing for more precise control when lining up overlapping areas and reducing warping and ghosting effects, allowing for a high-quality image quickly. The Tracker has been redesigned for automatic stabilisation and the ability to add a match-move camera for use when inserting CGI or engaging in 3D corrections.

Another new feature added to Cara VR 2.0 is a suite of tools adapted from the Ocula toolset for use with 360-degree video, which allows users to easily and quickly correct stereo images in areas such as alignment, focus and colour. The Foundry have updated the Disparity Generator node, which calculates various disparity factors to let users more easily unify left and right images to create a whole 360-degree image.

Craig Rodgerson, CEO of Foundry said: “To fully realise the potential of VR, we need to enable content creators to build experiences that are more immersive than anything before. The first iteration of our Cara VR toolkit was hugely well-received, and this latest version will help usher in the next level of VR experiences. Artists can now better meet the demand for VR content thanks to our industry-leading creative toolset.”

Cara VR 2.0 is available now from The Foundry website. A free trial version is available, though the full version will cost £2,639 (GBP).

VRFocus will bring you further news on Cara VR as it becomes available.