Fishing Star VR Comes to Google Daydream

Time to hang the ‘Gone Fishing’ sing on your door with the release of the virtual reality (VR) version of relaxing fishing title Fishing Star from GREE Inc.

Fishing Star was one of the early examples of a casual mobile videogame that introduced social elements, featuring on some of the earliest mobile gaming services. The original version is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, and as part of the celebrations, publisher GREE is bringing the title into VR.

Fishing Star VR is, as you would expect, a VR fishing title that allows for up to six players to play together at once. Players need to cast their lines, wait for a fish to draw close, then raise the controller in order to reel it in. There are over 100 varieties of fish to catch, which can be viewed in the fish album or aquarium. The aquarium offers a relaxing spot where players can take a break and watch the fish swim.

Players can raise their rank through catching fish and competing in multiplayer fishing tournaments. A higher rank unlocks new fishing rods that allow rarer fish to be caught. Special baits to lure in rare fish are also available to be bought as in-app purchases.

Up to six players can compete at once to land the best catch, with multiplayer allowing players to compete against one another to obtain rare items, including special avatar skins. Avatars are customisable with the face, hairstyle, clothes and flag all being open to change, and the avatar will show an expression depending on how the fishing trip is progressing.

Fishing Star VR is out now for Google Daydream, usually priced at $8.65 (USD). A special launch offer is currently available to customers in North America, where the title will be available for free until 14th December, 2017.

A video trailer is available to view below.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Fishing Star VR as it becomes available.