Echobox Partners with ROTU Entertainment for Music-Based VR Game

Audio company Echobox has announced a collaboration with ROTU Entertainment for integration of Echobox’s titanium technology into a new virtual reality (VR) experience. Echobox’s new Nomad earphones grant gamers all the sound without any accompanying bulk in ROTU Entertainment’s latest VR project.

Echobox Nomad earphones

The collaboration with ROTU Entertainment has all the signs of mutual benefit. According to ROTU Entertainment’s CEO Jason Parks, “Players will use audio technology to engage with musical symbols, instruments, and theory as these elements transform into characters, creatures, and ecosystems within a captivating and immersive other-worldly environment.”

No further details are currently available regarding what form the videogame will eventually take, however Echobox has presented more details on their participation in this collaboration.

“The degree of realism these earphones offer is unprecedented,” according to Echobox Director of Growth Josh McKenzie. “If a virtual grenade goes off near you in a game, you’ll swear an actual grenade went off near you in real life.”

Echobox’s announcement to venture into the videogames industry with ROTU Entertainment arrives ahead of the company’s showcase at CES 2018, Las Vegas. Speaking once again about the company’s progress before the event, McKenzie said that Echobox has recently rededicated itself to preventing gimmicks from intruding on the consumer experience.

“We’ve seen a lot of people coming out with impressive new tech; however, these new products seem to be missing the most important feature of an earphone – having great sound quality,” McKenzie said. “We have decided to take a minimalist approach, shrinking down the unnecessary extras. Everything starts with quality and expands from there.”

Exactly what experience the partnership will debut on is not currently known, nor which head-mounted displays (HMDs) will be supported. Indeed, the supplied imagery (featured on this page) reference hardware opposed to the VR experience these earphones will support. VRFocus will be meeting with Echobox at CES 2018 and will endeavour to secure more information on this forthcoming collaboration.