Details About the OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead to be Revealed This Sunday

It’s been sometime since Starbreeze studio OVERKILL revealed anything about its virtual reality (VR) compatible title The Walking Dead, the most recent being a postponement of the videogame until 2018. Fans of the series or some of its other videogame spin offs won’t have to wait much longer however, with the studio running a countdown timer due to finish this Sunday.

Apart from the iconic US Capitol building in the background and ‘Washington is about to Fall’ appearing in some tweets, neither the countdown website or the studios social channels reveal any further details, just that you need to tune into the official OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead website on Sunday, 10th December at 12pm PT (8pm GMT) to learn more.

Overkill's The Walking Dead VR

The setup will likely be very similar to the livestream Starbreeze held in May when it confirmed work on a virtual reality (VR) port of Payday 2. Supporting HTC Vive, Payday 2 VR arrived last month as a free beta for anyone who owned the original PC title – or those who managed to pick up one of the 5 million copies going free in June.

OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead was first unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Los Angeles, back in June 2015, and since then Starbreeze Studios has frequently showcased the title at numerous events. The videogame is supposedly an immersive co-op title based on that universe, exploring new exclusive characters and storylines, whether that’s still the case or development has taken a different course remains to be seen.

As further details are released on OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead VRFocus will bring you the latest updates.