Dead Effect 2 VR Introduces Support For 3dRudder

Foot-powered virtual reality (VR) motion controller 3dRudder offers different control options to VR users who have limited mobility, or who have restricted space to enjoy room-scale VR. An increasing number of VR titles are introducing support for the device, a list which now includes Dead Effect 2 VR.

Dead Effect 2 VR is a sci-fi shooter that draws inspiration from videogames such as the Dead Space series and classic sci-fi horror film Event Horizon. Players find themselves taking the role of a crew member released from cryo-stasis to find that a terrifying virus has broken out aboard the ship, turning the crew into flesh-eating zombie-like monsters. Players need to take out the monsters and regain control of the ship and escape intact.

Dead Effect 2 VR screenshot

VRFocus released a preview of Dead Effect 2 VR, saying: “With its over the top gunplay, customisation and movement options and hours of gameplay Badfly Interactive has certainly entered the VR market in a noticeable way.”

3dRudder will be showcasing a new version of the VR motion controller at the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES next year. Displayed as part of this demonstration will be the new native integration of 3dRudder into Dead Effect 2 VR. At previous CES, 3dRudder has picked up Innovation Awards for its product.

The 3dRudder motion controller allows users to run, walk, control vehicles and perform other actions using only the feet, leaving the hands free to use traditional motion controllers for other actions, such as Oculus Touch or Vive Wands.

Native integration with the 3dRudder in Dead Effect 2 VR is available now, introduced in the 5th December update. Visitors to CES will be able to see this demonstrated at CES 2018, due to take place on 9th-12th January 2018 in Las Vegas.

VRFocus will bring you further news on 3dRudder as it becomes available.