Create, Save, and Share Your own Clubhouse in the latest Rec Room Update

Fans of Against Gravity’s social playground that is Rec Room for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, will be pleased to know that today a new update has gone live across all platforms introducing Clubhouses, an area where players can create then share their own personal online space.

Rec Room Clubhouse

Just like a traditional Clubhouse, the Rec Room version operates just the same, as a place for you and your mates to hang out online, designed how you like to suit your requirements, with some added Rec Room additions. The idea behind it was to allow players the option to save their creations and move Rec Room towards a more user generated experience.

Going into further detail, Against Gravity explained in a press release: “We’ve had a lot of players asking for the ability to save all of the awesome things they’ve been making in Rec Room. Up until this point there was no way to save a really interesting item you had created, a favorite room, or custom activity.

It also opens Rec Room up to becoming a self organizing system of networked communities, dependent on how players choose to link their rooms / worlds together.” Doors can be placed anywhere in a custom room that function like a link to other people’s custom rooms. You’ll find these doors in the Sandbox Machine.

Rec Room DnD2

Additionally, saved rooms also include all environment objects, Maker Pen creations, Sandbox Machine items, whiteboard drawings, photos taken with the Rec Room camera, etc.

Today’s update isn’t just about building clubhouses, here’s a full changelog of what else is included:

  • Outfit slots – you can now save up to six outfits in slots, and recall them instantly. Watch –> Profile, tap the button!
  • New sandbox items – e.g., a fun array of “mocktail” glasses for parties! A mini-fridge! A D20 dice set! A “programmable” door (you can assign any ^roomname, and the door will take you there… kind of like a VR hyperlink)! And more…
  • New maker pen features – you can now use the edit button on the maker pen to access properties of sandbox items. Right now all you can do is freeze items in place, but we’ll be adding more properties over time. The maker pen can now delete sandbox items. It can’t clone them yet, but we plan to add that! We also fixed a couple of bugs.
  • New teleport visuals – we made it a little more minimal and cool looking, and teleport beams are now team color in Paintball and Laser Tag.
  • New hairstyles – long wavy, short wavy, man bun, man ponytail, and dreadlocks.
  • More updates to new player tutorial. We now introduce the Code of Conduct earlier, and teach some social gestures (handshake, fist bump, stop gesture).
  • Updates to Rec Center decoration (each door is themed, there’s some more toys to play with).
  • New host power – hosts can make it so only hosts can invite to a custom room.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get an extra player in a session (e.g., five players in Quest).
  • Improved performance of the card deck in The Lounge.

As Against Gravity continue to update Rec Room, VRFocus will keep you posted.