Conflict0: Shattered Available for Free on Gear VR

Black River Studios, the team behind popular Samsung Gear VR titles Angest, Finding Monsters Adventure and Rock & Rails!, has announced the launch of its latest title, Conflict0: Shattered. Available to download now, Conflict0: Shattered is free to all Samsung Gear VR owners.

Conflict0: Shattered screenshotConflict 0: Shattered is a short virtual reality (VR) first-person shooter (FPS) adventure videogame that takes place in a fictional country, Navaha. 35 years after the civil war, the last Sovereign has been located and must be destroyed. Your mission is simple: infiltrate the base to locate the target and eliminate it. In this universe, the weapon of choice is a specially modified war robot.

The first chapter in a new series of Samsung Gear VR videogames from Black River Studios, Conflict 0: Shattered is a look at what happened to the country of Navaha after years of war. Players must infiltrate the base using stealth in order to open a path for their robot ally. Using a sword, players will duel with enemies before taking advantage of their robotic companion and shooting through several waves of enemies with a powerful gun. Upon reaching your objective the player will be faced with a difficult decision, paving the way for a second instalment.

Black River Studios is a VR specialist developer that has been flying somewhat under-the-radar. The team’s first Samsung Gear VR title, Finding Monsters Adventure, was a Pokemon Snap-inspired experience which received significant acclaim. Angest, however, launched with little in the way of comparable attention from media outlets despite winning several awards. Conflict 0: Shattered aims to change that by offering the first title in the series for free.

Conflict0: Shattered screenshotConflict 0: Shattered is available to download for Samsung Gear VR now, and is compatible with all input options offered by the device: on-board touchpad, bluetooth gamepad and Samsung Gear VR Controller. There’s currently no word when subsequent chapters – nor the number of – will become available.

The official launch trailer for Conflict 0: Shattered follows below and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on this and other VR titles from Black River Studios.