Competition: Win A Copy Of The First Class VR With VRFocus

The old saying goes that it is better to give than to receive. Well if that’s true good news for us at VRFocus I guess, as we’ve got a giveaway for you to get invovled in that’ll be taking place over the Christmas period.

Have you ever wanted to fly? Of course there was a time when humans could not and did not fly. Such an idea was preposterous. If humans were meant to fly we’d’ve been born with wings – which is unsurprisingly where we as a species started looking when we decided to use our intellect and ingenuity to join the birds in the sky. The journey humanity subsequently made to take flight, cross oceans and even touch the stars is quite the fascinating tale. With triumphs beyond measure and disasters of the most terrible. Both joy and tragedy coming in equal measure but never stopping that drive to go higher.

As we explained in our preview of The First Class VR, earlier this year,The First Class VR mixes interactive elements with narration and bold imagery to tell the tale of human flight, taking those first steps in balloons, through powered flight and then onto space exploration. And it’s in space where the experience begins, looking down on planet earth before activating a console that starts things off.”

To celebrate the launch of the title, as well as the coming of the holiday period we’ve got three codes for The First Class VR to give away, courtesy of publishers Zodiac Interactive.

What do you have to do to enter? Well, you get a vote for every one of the following actions below: Be a follower of us on Twitter or by visiting our Facebook and Google+ pages –  I mean, you should probably like/follow us whilst you’re there to stay up to date on everything VR and AR related, right?

The competition is a relatively short one. It’s open now, Christmas Eve 2017 until the end of Boxing Day, that’s the end of the day UK time on Tuesday December 26th 2017. Please note that owing to the holiday season winners will be drawn in 2018 following the New Year celebrations. Best of luck to all.

Win A Copy Of The First Class VR