Breaking Fourth Showcase Lucid at VRLO

For those who have been anxiously following Breaking Fourth ever since their virtual reality (VR) film CTRL can soon expect another emotional film called Lucid. A demo was available at ninth VRLO which was held at London’s Central Saint Martins University and VRFocus managed to sit down to speak to Pete Short, VR Director and CTO at Breaking Fourth about the film. 

The twenty minute seated piece follows daughter Astra as she dives into the mind of her comatose mother in order to try and piece together her consciousness and bring her back to the real world. The two go on an adventure that puts character at the heart of the story.

Breaking Fourth create various VR content ranging from light-hearted and entertaining music videos to long emotional pieces that are about making an impact such as CTRL. Short explains to VRFocus that CTRL was a long VR film in duration, and Lucid too became longer after Breaking Fourth received feedback from users asking for the experience to be lengthened. Short also says that Lucid could not have come out any sooner, as with the evolution of VR technology Breaking Fourth want to stay at the forefront of technology and will continue to experiment with the newest capabilities of immersive technology.

“I think we are starting to see an evolution of VR users that are willing to take these experiences, rather than having a jump in-jump out situation.” Short explains. “Like you get with a five minute experience, and actually wanting to stay in these worlds.”

So far the feedback couldn’t be better, with most users being extremely excited about Lucid. Short says that the piece is currently being submitted to several film festivals and the 360° version will be released either January or February on the Samsung Gear VR. The full version of Lucid will be available sometime next year for free. This may also be coming to Breaking Fourth’s app, that itself is heading to the Samsung Gear VR and will feature all of Breaking Fourth’s CGI pieces – as well as their future content moving forward. All of the content on the platform will be free at the initial launch. Short wants to have as many people experiencing their content and this is a great way to do it.

Watch the video below to find out more about Lucid and Breaking Fourth’s new app.