Between The Virtual And Reality, Project LUX’s PlayStation VR Trailer Asks What The Truth Is

2018 is looking pretty rosy for virtual reality (VR) fans and especially so if you’re an owner of a PlayStation VR. Earlier this month at Playstation Experience 2017 (PSX) the Sony made headset popped up several times with new updates and announcements. And there’s already a growing number of videogames for PlayStation VR owners to look forward to.

Those include previously PC based first-person shooter (FPS) Killing Floor: Incursion, also adding PSVR to its supported headsets is Owlchemy Labs’ madcap team-up with Adult Swim Games, Rick And Morty: Virtual Rick-ality. Both underwater adventure Jupiter & Mars and First Contact Entertainment’s tactical FPS Firewall Zero Hour were revealed at PSX along with the confirmation that Wipeout Omega Collection would be getting a VR update in 2018. Other titles to look forward to include Smash Hit Plunder, sci-fi dinosaur adventure Eden Tomorrow and even the delayed mousey adventures of Moss.

One other title making the leap to PlayStation VR is Spicy Tails’ Project LUX. Initially an Early Access release on Steam in March earlier this year, the visual novel designed specifically for the VR medium and published Sekai Project originally supported just the HTC Vive on PC. However, as we reported earlier this week, Project LUX is indeed also now coming to console VR thanks in part to the positive response from that initial release.

Set in a futuristic civilisation where humanity has effectively ‘upgraded’ themselves, the story follows an artist called Lux who is the apparent victim of an agent who works with ‘cyber artists’ like Lux in creating experiences for those with augmented brains. Experiences that can affect your very emotions. But what is the truth? Truth is in the eye of the beholder – so you’ll have to delve into the memories of both Lux and the defendant in order to find it.

In line with the PlayStation VR announcement there’s also a trailer for the title, which you can see below.

There are five episodes of Project LUX but at this current time how they will be released on PlayStation VR is not known. When we have any further updates regarding this, or the PC version currently on Steam, VRFocus will update you.