#Archery’s Bow and Arrow Mayhem Shoots out of Early Access

Quirky indie virtual reality (VR) studio VRUnicorns doesn’t exactly take a normal approach when it comes to videogames, having created titles #Skijump, #SelfieTennis and #Archery, all of which sound fairly self explanatory yet offer more than just what the title implies. The latter launched on Steam Early Access back in March and today the title has been fully released for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality.

#Archery Screenshot 6

If you’re expecting some sort of shooting range to test your archery skills on, then you might be disappointed – or more likely relieved – as #Archery is all about completing various weird and wonderful jobs just using a bow and arrow. So how do you fancy delivering newspapers with lethal accuracy, making up pizza orders that feature more arrow than topping, or defending your icecream stand from hordes of ravenous kids after their next sugar high. Well in #Archery you can do all that and more, here are some of the other tasks available:

Wood Chopper
Hot Dog Eater
Balloon Smasher
Basketball Player
Airplane Crasher
Fluffy Unicorn Creator

The initial early access launch only featured five jobs, all of which VRFocus previewed, finding the experience fun but a little shallow. Now that #Archery has been in development for another nine months, with many more jobs now available, the entire videogame should provide a far richer and engrossing experience.

As VRUnicorns continues developing for VR VRFocus will bring you further updates on #Archery and the studios other releases as they become available.