Amimon Unveil Wireless VR Technology

Amimon is showcasing its wireless HD technology designed for VR at VRX 2017.

One of the current criticisms towards high-end virtual reality (VR) systems is the presents of cords and wires that are needed to transmit power and data to the head-mounted display. A number of wireless systems are in development, and some have been released. Amimon have now revealed a new technology for wireless VR and mixed reality (MR) systems.

Amimon have patented a wireless system for transmitted HD-quality video with zero latency. The system uses the 5GHz band to deliver high quality video which works in any environment, including multi-user scenarios such as those used in large location-based VR set-ups. Band line-of-sight. The system uses an embedded chip that allows for VR resolution of 2K at 90fps, similar to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, or up to 120fps at 1080p, similar to the PlayStation VR. High frame rates have been shown to reduce symptoms of simulation sickness.

The company has already begun offering its HD wireless video technology to various enterprise and industrial uses, such as medicine, cinematography and commercial drone usage. Amimon is now offering this technology for providing lag-free wireless VR video, which is compatible with a number of existing VR systems.

“We’re excited to unveil the technology we’ve been working vigorously on, a step towards a seamless VR world that is truly mobile, and provides a complete lag free experience,” says Uri Kanonich, VP Marketing of Amimon. “Our technology roadmap promises supporting next generation AR and MR solutions that will change the way we interact with our surroundings.”

Amimon will be demonstrating its wireless VR technology at the VRX show, which is taking place on 7th-8th December, 2017 in San Francisco. Visitors to the event can find them at Booth #17.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Amimon’s wireless VR systems as it becomes available.

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