A-Tech Cybernetic Gets Free Demo and New Story Mode Chapter

Developers Xreal Games quietly launched its cyberpunk virtual reality (VR) shooter A-Tech Cybernetic into early access earlier this year, but now the development team think its ready for a wider audience.

A-Tech Cybernetic is a VR first-person shooter set inside the walls of a futuristic biomedical company where you must fight off an invasion of mutants. Xreal Games say that all action is controlled by real-life body movement that allows for an intuitive control set-up for greater immersion.

The title was originally launched in Steam Early Access in March 2017, with the first chapter of the Story Mode being introduced in September. In story mode the player takes the role of a person who has awoken inside a mysterious biomedical facility with no memory of their past, but with new and incredible superpowers. The player needs to find out the secrets of their past and learn how and why they ended up in the current situation – facing an army of mutated monsters.

The development team say they are very close to completing Chapter 2 of Story Mode, and hope it will be ready for release before 11th December, 2017. The chapter 02 update is also expected to contain new animation, voice-over narration, weaponry and enemies for players to enjoy. Chapter 1 will also be getting a revamp and a tease for Chapter 3 will be included, as well as the expected bug fixes.

The whet the appetites of users, a Free Demo mode has also been released, which lets players test out part of the Story Mode. The Early Access version currently has four swarm maps in addition to the first part of the story mode and is available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on Steam, priced at £10.99 (GBP).

The Story Mode Chapter 2 trailer video is available to view below. Further information can be found on the Steam Store page.

VRFocus will bring you further information on A-Tech Cybernetic as it becomes available.