Wild West Shooter High Noon VR Rides On to Steam

The Western is a staple of entertainment, forming the basis for feature films, TV shows, books, and of course, videogames, with titles such as Red Dead Redemption and Call of Juarez being notable examples. So of course The Western is now in virtual reality (VR) with the launch of High Noon VR.

Though exploring this most American of settings and culture, High Noon VR was developed by Russian studio Octobox Interactive and published by Buka Entertainment, another Russian company.

In the title, the player takes the role of the new Sheriff in town, striding into a small, isolated town in spurred boots to bring law and order back and take down the hordes of violent bandits and outlaws who have all but taken over.

The player can explore the typical Wild West settings, riding through dusty prairies under the scorching sun, or walking through the swing doors into the saloon in search of outlaws. Players will have more than just a six-shooter at their side, with access to a variety of weapons, from the expected such as revolvers and rifles through to dynamite or even a harpoon gun.

Each area and enemy has its own quirks, with difficulty ratcheting up as players move through to new areas. Each outlaw has been designed with its own distinctive look and behaviours, so players will need to take their measure to win, as well as make sure your weapons arsenal is suitably upgraded. Players can obtain extra rewards by playing stylishly and obtaining skilful headshots, or multi-kills.

High Noon VR is available on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, priced at £7.19 (GBP). Further information and updates can be found on the Steam Store page.

The launch trailer is available to view below.

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