VR Coaster and Sensics Unveil RideVR Headset Specifically for Theme Parks

Theme parks have been experimenting with virtual reality (VR) for a while now, generally tending to utilise Samsung Gear VR headsets in conjunction with a pre-existing rollercoaster to offer guests a new virtual ride. Now VR Coaster and Sensics have unveiled RideVR, a brand new headset specifically designed for theme park use.

RideVR is the culmination of both VR Coaster and Sensics experience providing VR content to location operators and millions of guest rides.


The all-in-one headset aim to provide solutions to several key operator issues such as hygiene; the headset includes an inexpensive face mask that is hypo-allergenic, reusable and machine washable; no overheating, RideVR’s thermal management results in longer uptime; there’s no consumer hardware, it is an entirely new device without any cell phone or other consumer hardware; battery management, RideVR’s battery is separate from the processing unit. Operators can charge batteries while keeping the processing unit in use, or use a power cord for operations without batteries.

RideVR also features a 2880×1600 resolution, providing more pixels than current mobile-based consumer headsets.

“Our work with dozens of theme parks led us to define exactly what we need from a great headset,” says Thomas Wagner, CEO of VR Coaster. “We found the perfect partner in Sensics to work with us to create this headset.”

“We combined VR Coaster’s operational experience with Sensics’ product expertise to meet the precise requirements of operators,” says Yuval Boger, CEO of Sensics. “There is a gap between what consumer headsets deliver and what theme parks need. The new RideVR closes this gap.”

VR Coaster will showcase RideVR at its booth during the IAAPA 2017 show in Orlando, Florida. While Sensics will have the headset on display at CES 2018 in January.

Sensics and VR Coaster will be rolling out RideVR to select theme park customers in early 2018.

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