Vodafone Qatar Launches AR App Competition

Since the introduction of ARKit and ARCore, the amount of augmented reality (AR) content that’ve appeared covering videogames and apps has steadily increased on mobile devices. The latest comes from Vodafone Qatar, utilising the technology to run a competition where you can win a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Firstly, you need to download the Vodafone AR app for either Android or iOS devices. Then whenever you see a poster with the Vodafone symbol on it and the message: “The future is exciting. Ready? point your smartphones camera towards it. A video will begin where you’ll be able to enter the competition. You’ll be able to use the app daily to re-enter if you wish.

Additionally, a robot mascot will appear for you to take AR pictures with.

Vodafone AR App

While the Vodafone AR app is a very basic way of showcasing what AR can do, other companies are using the technology to help and engage customers. For example there’s Amazon which has introduced AR View to its mobile app, allowing users to put a virtual object in their home, for example a piece of furniture or a lamp, to see how it looks and whether it would be suitable.

American Airlines has begun using AR as a means to help guests navigate around bustling airports,pointing the way to important places such as the check-in desk, security checkpoint, or even providing food and drink recommendations. Taking this idea one step further is Blippar which has launched its AR City App, navigating you around cities, highlighting points of interest.

VRFocus will continue covering the latest AR experiences and content as more developers and companies embrace the technology.