Viveport and Vive Wave Seeking New Content Creators

The Vive Developers Conference currently taking place in Beijing, China has already seen the announcement of some bits of interesting news, such as the first glimpse of the standalone HTC Vive Focus headset, and the launch of the Vive Wave open content platform. Also announced during the event was news that HTC Vive was seeking new developers to work on content for Viveport and the newly announced Vive Wave.

During a presentation detailing the work done by Vive Studios, it was revealed that developers had the opportunity to get hold of a development kit for the upcoming HTC Vive Focus, which would enable new developers to create content for the platform.

Developers could submit a proposal to HTC Vive for access to one of the development kits, which would need to include details on the aims, history and the type of work that the developer is engaged with, so Vive Studios can determine if the potential developer is a good fit for Vive Studios.

Vive Studios provide a number of resources and guidance for start-up and smaller developers. One example of the sort of help Vive Studios can provide is localisation resources, not just to translate text and dialogue into Chinese, but also to interpret cultural touchstones into something that would be more familiar to a Chinese audience.

Developers who were in attendance at the Vive Developers Conference were given a slight advantage for accessing the HTC Vive Focus development kits on offer, since they would get priority when being considered.

Vive Studios are hoping that this project will continue to bring fresh and innovative new content to the existing Viveport platform and the Vive Wave open platform.

VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest information from the Vive Developers Conference.