Virtual Safari Virry VR: Feel the Wild to Receive Major Update for PlayStation VR

At the beginning of the year Fountain Digital Labs launched interactive virtual safari Virry VR: Feel the Wild for PlayStation VR, enabling viewers to get up close to wild animals like rhinos, lions, zebras and elephants. Today the London-based technology company has announced the first major update, adding a bunch of highly requested features to the experience, set to arrive this Friday, 10th November.

In the update Fountain Digital Labs has now added a ‘Mood-o-Meter’ which asks users about their mood – whether they’re happy, sad, stressed, tired, etc. then later on they’ll be asked again. This allows users to monitor their mood while spending time relaxing on the magnificent savannah in Kenya, giving the ability to see how the experiences with the animals or just meditating by a waterfall can have a positive impact on their well being.

Virry VR

Other additions include the ability to switch the voice-over and conservation questions on or off entirely at any time; a new animal themed virtual DualShock 4 controller; all new music written by award-winning new age composer Japetus has been added to the relaxation experience and there’s now Spotify support with Virry detecting when Spotify is being used, automatically muting the default music in the relaxation experience.

“In years gone by we envisioned an ‘electronic safari’ where people  could encounter nature from afar so that wild animals could be left  in peace. I’m happy to say that day has come. Well done, Virry. I am dazzled by the experience.of the natural world,” said Jillian Miller, Founder of The Gorilla Organization in a statement.

As Virry VR: Feel the Wild has been created in collaboration with Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, for those viewers wishing to help with the conservation they can subscribe to the three live HD-cameras installed at the conservancy – there’s a 15 minute free trial period –  which cost $2.50 USD per month or $3.50 per month to donate $1.00 to Lewa.

Winner of the Webby People’s Voice Award 2017 in ‘VR: Gaming, Interactive, or Real-time’ and nominee for the upcoming 2017 BAFTA Awards in ‘Interactive’, Virry VR: Feel the Wild is available for $7.99 GBP.  While this is the first big update for Virry VR: Feel the Wild, the studio has confirmed it’s another big announcement to make in December.

When that happens, VRFocus will let you know.