Virtual Reality Technology To Improve Business Meetings

InsiteVr Meeting allows engineering, architecture and construction models to be shared in VR.

Virtual reality (VR) has great potential to help people who are physically a long distance apart connect with each other. This is particularly true in enterprise and business settings where information needs to be quickly and accurately shared. InsiteVR has recognised this need, and are offering a tool to help.

In areas such as architecture, construction and engineering, the best and most accurate information is presented in 3D, with CAD models or even physical scale models giving the best impression of not only the final product, but any advantages or challenges of a particular design. In today’s world where colleagues can be continents apart, the subtleties of this information can be hard to convey using a flat monitor screen and a voice on a telephone or Skype connection.

Tools such as GoToMeeting or WebEx have tried to make this process easier, but are still restricted by using a 2D medium for 3D information. With VR becoming an increasingly cost-effective option, the advantages of using VR to create a shared meeting space seems clear.

InsiteVR have created a product that they believe will greatly improve the quality of meetings in areas such as design, engineering, construction and architecture. InsiteVR Meetings allows professionals to gather together in a virtual space to jointly review models. InsiteVR Meetings has integrated voice over IP, collaborative markups and synchronised cloud models to allow for easier sharing of information.

To prevent a meeting becoming a free-for-all, one person becomes designated as the Presenter. This enables them to move participants to a specific location in the model, control the model scale and orientation and even mute others. All participants can view the model, but if the presenter needs to direct the audiences attention to a specific location, they can do this.

InsiteVR Meetings can import a broad variety of CAD models, such as FBX and OBJ files, but works best with models created in Revit or Sketchup. The application is compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR. Further information can be found on the InsiteVR website.

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