Viewpoint Games’ Ghosts In The Toybox: Chapter 1 Comes to PlayStation VR

A few months ago VR Karts developer Viewpoint Games released ghoulish first-person shooter (FPS) Ghosts In The Toybox for Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream. Today, the studio has quietly released Ghosts In The Toybox: Chapter 1 for PlayStation VR.

Things have gone slightly awry in Professor Milestone’s laboratory. His latest experiment has trapped a bunch of playful  poltergeists in toys – some cuddly, some not so – all around his house and it’s up to you to find them and release them from their patchwork prisons.

Ghosts In The Toybox screenshot 1

Featuring a single-player campaign mode, Ghosts In The Toybox: Chapter 1 requires you to use a mixture of weapons and environmental objects to succeed in your mission, from throwing bottle caps and using toy bow and arrows (which can be improved with flaming triple shot matches), to fixed gun emplacements, harpoons to fling enemies around and even the odd buzz saw or two for some more carnage, there’s plenty of choice on offer.

Once the campaign has been completed you’ll unlock the arcade level challenges for more gameplay mayhem. Additionally, those with a keen eye may discover a few hidden items within each level.

Ghosts In The Toybox: Chapter 1 is the second virtual reality (VR) by the indie studio which first entered the scene back in 2015 with the launch of VR Karts on early access for Oculus Rift DK2. It then created a port of Samsung Gear VR that same year called VR Karts: Sprint. Since then PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Google Daydream have all seen versions of the racing title appear.

Ghosts In The Toybox: Chapter 1 has launched today via PlayStation Store for PlayStation VR priced at $14.99 USD. For any further updates from Viewpoint Games on current or future projects keep reading VRFocus.