The Cuteness Continues With More Screenshots of Moss for PlayStation VR

VRFocus has been inundated with new screenshots this weekend due to so many new titles being announced for PlayStation VR on Monday. There’s been additional images for Bow to BloodApex Construct and now Polyarc’s Moss.  

The new screenshots showcase plenty of the environments that pint-sized hero Quill will have to navigate from ancient mouse sized ruins to giant sword graveyards. You even get to meet what looks like Quill’s grandfather in a very cosy looking study.

Regular VRFocus readers should be well versed in what Moss is all about, a cute little mouse called Quill who needs guiding through caves, forests, and foreboding ruins that are filled with ancient artefacts and mysterious creatures, all the while solving a mixture of puzzles that stand in her way.

Polyarc’s design director and co-founder, Danny Bulla, previously explained: “In Moss, players can reach out, touch, and interact with the environment while guiding Quill through her journey. As gamers, we’ve been conditioned for years to hold a gamepad in our laps when playing games, letting our thumbs and fingers do the controlling. It has been a great experience to create an immersive game that encourages players to reach into and interact with a tactile world.”

This week has been filled with plenty of Moss news, some good some not so good. The highly anticipated platformer was originally due for release by the end of the year. That’s now been shifted to 2018 – 27th February to be more precise – which is a bit of a shame, good news however is that pre-orders are open so you can secure your copy ahead of launch (as long as you’re in North, South and Latin America, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia.) It’s available through PlayStation Store and GameStop for $29.99 USD / £24.99 GBP, coming with an exclusive dynamic PlayStation Theme and PlayStation Avatar featuring  Moss’s hero Quill and her idyllic forest home.

If you want to learn more about Moss check out VRFocus’ preview from E3 which certainly impressed, as: “Moss deserves a place on your ‘most wanted’ list.”  VRFocus also sat down with Polyarc’s Chris Alderson who works as the Art Director on Moss for further info.

As the release nears, if Polyarc makes any further announcements regarding Moss VRFocus will let you know.