The Best HTC Vive Accessories That are Weird and Wonderful

Whether you’ve just bought a HTC Vive in the recent Black Friday sales or you’ve owned one since launch, you may be wanting to upgrade your virtual reality (VR) gameplay sessions with a range of accessories. There are plenty of first-party add-ons you can buy from the HTC Vive store itself, such as the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap, Vive Tracker – with various racket style additions – or more Nose Rests and Face Cushions if yours have worn out already due to all the hours you’ve spent in VR. So what about third-party accessories, ones that are slightly quirkier or more handmade? Well that’s where VRFocus has got you covered, picking out some choice options for the VR player who wants that little bit more out of their VR sessions.

Primarily what VRFocus is looking at are functional and not too expensive accessories that you can buy or make yourself, especially if you have a 3D printer as the limit is then your imagination.

HTC Vive Controller Sword Handle for Katana X (with tsuba)

First up is this Katana sword handle replica by Seth2Christ on Thingiverse. There are plenty of melee combat titles for the head-mounted display (HMD) like Fruit Ninja for example, or ones with melee elements such as Raw Data. So wouldn’t it be nice to feel like you’re wielding a deadly sword rather than aimlessly waving a HTC Vive controller around?

That’s where this beauty comes in. This isn’t something you can buy, but all the files needed to 3D print the sword handle can be found on the page. Then before you know it you’ll be slicing heads off enemies – or making a digital fruit salad – like a proper samurai.

HTC Vive Controller Sword Handle for Katana X (with tsuba)

rEvolve- Headstrap for the HTC Vive

Now this item actually appeared on VRFocus recently. The work of SynergyWiz, it originally appeared on Kickstarter achieving funding success. It’s inclusion here comes in two parts. First off, you can buy the headstrap – which features a handy hinged front – from the company’s website for $195.00 USD. Not exactly cheap when you consider the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap is $99.99.

There’s a plus side again for all you 3D printers out there, all the files to make your own are freely available on Thingiverse.  Once made all you’d need to do is buy the Velcro, padding and springs to assemble it from SynergyWiz for $25. Or those true money savers out there could probably find things like the padding.

rEvolve- Headstrap for the HTC Vive by SynergyWiz - Thingiverse

Wooden HTC Vive Stand

You’ve bought this expensive HMD, a gadget right at the forefront of VR entertainment, and where do you store it, just plonked on the table next to your PC. Hopefully someone won’t knock a drink on it, or pull the headset to the floor by not seeing a trailing cable. What you need is some storage, but why settle for some plastic, injection molded piece of rubbish when there are finely crafted wooden solutions that match your chaise lounge.

Over on Etsy, XizzleArt has created a HTC Vive stand that not only holds your precious headset but the controllers as well. Customers can choose to have their stand made in Walnut (pictured), Mahogany, Oak, Maple or Padouk, all for £73.19 GBP excluding shipping.

XizzleArt HTC Vive Stand

Protective Vinyl Skin Decal for HTC Vive

The HTC Vive is a great headset, it’s well designed, well built, and does an excellent job of immersing players in virtual worlds. If there’s one thing you could say about the design is that it’s functional, there’s no real wow factor to its look, just lots of black plastic. If like so many others you like having a snazzy case for your smartphone why wouldn’t you want to jazz up your HTC Vive a bit? There are gel covers to help protect the HMD and controllers should you walk or bash into a wall, but these tend to be plain colours. For those wanting a bit more pizazz then there’s MightySkins’ Protective Vinyl Skin Decal.

Another retailer on Etsy, MightySkins’ Protective Vinyl Skin Decals are handmade coverings which aren’t made from rubber, silicone, gel or plastic, that feature a range of designs including Golden Dragon (pictured), Nebula, Blue Flames and Green Flames. All the designs cost £15.54 excluding shipping

MightSkins Vinyl Decal

Dual Controller Rifle Stock

Lastly, what’s a list of VR accessories like without some sort of gun related paraphernalia. There were plenty to choose from in this regard, whether you wanted to make your own or just purchase one. Trawling the web, one of the better looking designs for holding the HTC Vive controllers in an assault rifle style arrangement comes from 3Dspecials with its HTC Vive Dual Controller Rifle Stock (Front Magnetic), Cheek Rest, 3d Printed.

All the details are really explained in the products description, it’s 3D printed, and the second controller uses a magnet system for easy placement or removal. The stock only comes in black and retails for £52.86 plus shipping.

Dual Controller Rifle Stock