Take on the Galaxy in From Other Suns on Oculus Rift

Today, Gunfire Games, the studio that helped to make Dead and Buried with Oculus Studios, Chronos and Herobound: Spirit Champion, has released its biggest virtual reality (VR) title to date, the intergalactic adventure From Other Suns.

From Other Suns puts players in command of their own ship and crew, having to survive the perils of deep space travel as they to try to save humanity.

Explaining the story, Gunfire Games states: “It was supposed to be a simple job. Test an experimental folding drive to travel beyond the fringes of explored space. Return safely for a big payout, and retire on a small colony to never be heard from again. Things don’t always work out as planned. On the return trip, something followed you back.  Something ancient. Now it’s a race to make it back to Earth before the ancient alien threat wipes out everything in its way – including you.”

You can either take on the challenge of fighting ruthless pirates, lethal robots, and deadly aliens on your own, or you can team up with up to three friends for some co-op action. As captain of your ship you’ll need to manage its various systems and challenges, upgrade components and weapons while negotiating with merchants for the best deals.

The title is a first-person shooter (FPS) at heart though, with plenty of firefights to contend with. To make sure you’re not out gunned there are over a dozen unique weapon types, with over 2,000 possible variations. And just to mix things up even further should you die at a particularly difficult spot, Gunfire Games has added a fully randomised universe so that each playthough, from alien encounters to locations are never quite the same.

If you like the look of From Other Suns you may have taken advantage of the pre-order offer which reduced the price slightly and gave you two Golden Laser Pistols. With the launch that offer has now ended so you’ll have to pay the full price of $39.99 USD/£29.99 GBP.

Check back with VRFocus later in the week for a full review, and as further announcements are made VRFocus will keep you updated.