Something for the Weekend: Lots of Weekend Treats for Mobile and PC Headsets

Today's cluster of deals are for Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Last week’s Something for the Weekend was naturally geared around seasonal holiday Halloween, with plenty of frighteningly good deals on some scary videogames. If you’ve managed to not scare yourself away from virtual reality (VR) permanently then VRFocus has got a new roundup of deals to save yourself some cash.


Compatibility: Samsung Gear VR

Circumpaint features a hemispherical canvas with a range of painting a colour options. All of which can be accessed through the headsets touch pad, or if you do have a Bluetooth controller shortcuts can be accessed. Circumpaint is currently 50 percent off, retailing for £1.99 GBP rather than £3.99.

Cargo Racing VR screenshot 1

Cargo Racing VR

Compatibility: Samsung Gear VR

In Cargo Racing VR players have to race their vehicle through tracks that twist, turn and undulate all over the place in a bid to get the cargo they’re carrying to the finish line as fast as possible. For this weekend Cargo Racing VR costs £1.11 rather than £2.29.

Darknet screenshot


Compatibility: Samsung Gear VR

A videogame that needs very little introduction as it launched on Gear VR way back in 2015. Darknet’s puzzles revolve around you contracting out your hacking skills to retrieve data from the world’s most secure networks. Diving into the Net, you must install viruses, inject code, and hack your way through cybersecurity. For this weekend Darknet will only set you back £3.99 rather than £7.99.

Sneaky Bears Rollercoaster

Sneaky Bears RollerCoaster

Compatibility: Samsung Gear VR

WarDucks released its not so cuddly first-person shooter Sneaky Bears for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive over the last couple of months. Gear VRT won’t get the title as it requires full motion control support, so instead the studio has released a rollercoaster simulator based on the videogame. You can ride around the Sneaky Bears toy factory for £0.79 rather than £1.49.

Counter Fight

Counter Fight SE(Samurai Edition)

Compatibility: Oculus Rift

“Counter Fight SE(Samurai Edition) is a fast-paced VR game where you cook and serve a variety of dishes to eccentric hungry customers.”

For this weekend Counter Fight will only set you back £3.99 rather than £7.99.

Bending the Light

Compatibility: Oculus Rift

“Submerge yourself in a dreamy, atmospheric world filled with brilliant beams of light. Use magnetic orbs and bronze mirrors to bend the light and charge the energy cells.”

For this weekend Bending the Light will only set you back £5.99 rather than £10.99.

Starway Fleet

Starway Fleet

Compatibility: HTC Vive

Starway Fleet is an action-focused space fighter simulator game. Take part in various missions including interception or reconnaissance, provide fighter cover for cargo ships or help rescue the crew of disabled ships.”

Starway Fleet is on sale through Steam for £5.75 rather than £7.19 until 13th November.

Skytropolis screenshot


Compatibility: HTC Vive

Starting with a small plot of land you will be challenged with building a sustainable and profitable community, creating  everything from the architectural design to every part of the interior for your ideal Skytropolis tower.

Skytropolis is on sale through Steam for £16.56 rather than £19.49 until 9th November.

VR Invaders

VR Invaders

Compatibility: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

“Dive into a virtual sci-fi world as the freelance hacker Thomas Hall to save a cyber artist that got stuck in virtual reality. Fight legions of enemy drones with your multi-functional loadout. Slow time, transform your weapon and blast through your enemies in this immersive VR shooter.”

VR Invaders is on sale through Steam for £3.66 rather than £13.59 until 6th November.

A Writer And His Daughter

A Writer And His Daughter

Compatibility: HTC Vive

“A VR story exploration game. A young girl discovers a magical fairy tale world and has to decide which world she wants to stay in. Part one of a trilogy.”

A Writer And His Daughter is on sale through Steam for £9.89 rather than £10.99 until 9th November.


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