Rez Infinite Goes Mobile, now Available on Google Daydream

It’s not often that a virtual reality (VR) title originally released for one of the higher-end head-mounted displays (HMDs) gets ported to a mobile headset but that’s exactly what’s happened today. Enhance Games has announced that its highly popular psychedelic shooter Rez Infinite is now available on Google Daydream.

Originally released for PlayStation VR during its launch window then ported to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive this year, Rez Infinite has collected numerous awards and nominations globally, including Winner, Best VR Game at The Game Awards 2016.

Rez Infinite AreaX 07

For those that have managed to miss out on Enhance Games’ seminal experience, Rez Infinite is a visceral mix of lighting, neon colours, sound and music, requiring players to shoot a myriad of enemies which are synced in time with the audio. Featuring the five original areas from Rez, the release features enhanced visuals and full 3D audio for a complete immersive experience.

Additionally, the studio also created a brand new level specifically for VR, Area X. Unlike the original five levels which are on-rails, Area X is completely free-roaming, so that players can move around and shoot targets however they like just by moving their head. While the aiming reticule is controlled the the Daydream controller.

Daydream owners can download a free trial to see what the videogame is all about, then purchase the full title to unlock the rest of the experience.

VRFocus reviewed the PC version of Rez Infinite a few months ago, giving it a full 5 star rating, saying: “Yes, Rez Infinite is somewhat short, with an initial playthough possibly taking around a couple of hours, but you’ll enjoy (or should enjoy) every minute of it. So much so you’ll probably keep replaying it, improving your score, evolving your character and just taking in the whole spectacle. In answer to the first paragraph’s question about whether Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owners should be excited about Rez Infinite’s release, this is one VR videogame that should be in your library.”

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Enhance Games, reporting back with the studio’s latest VR announcements.