Revinax Using HoloLens for Surgical Training

Microsoft’s HoloLens appears to have emerged as the preferred device for use within a medical setting. Doctors have already begun using the mixed reality (MR) device for applications such as consultation, surgical planning and sports medicine. Now Revinax are using the technology for live surgery.

A surgical procedure was performed successfully at the Montpellier University Hospital in France under the supervision of neurosurgeon Dr Lonjon, with a surgical team equipped with HoloLens headsets, which provided additional information and imagery during the procedure, such as a 3D video of a similar surgical procedure, or patient scans and medical information, all within the surgeon’s field of view.

“This is the perfect tool for any surgery. As a teaching surgeon, I can create my own tutorials to deliver them to students before and, now also, during surgery. They can use the tutorial as a reminder during the operation. The patient imagery and planning feature also avoids unnecessary distractions: we now no longer need to check these data on the computer during the operation,” said Dr Nicolas Lonjon, neurosurgeon and teacher at the Montpellier University Hospital.

The use of the HoloLens in this way, with the Revinax mixed reality surgical environment has been viewed as something of a breakthrough. The company are already considering how else to apply the technology, turning its attention to surgical training. The company has noted that though surgical demonstrations are often at the core of training, only the surgeon has a perfect view of the procedure, which can mean students miss vital details.

“When it comes to surgery, a certain amount of “watch and learn” will always be necessary. Virtual reality and mixed reality provide new opportunities to efficiently train surgeons by giving them a direct view of the operating site. Students can now observe the entire procedure from the perspective of the performing surgeon.” Dr Maxime Ros, neurosurgeon and co-founder of Revinax.

VRFocus will bring you further information on medical uses for mixed reality technology as it becomes available.