Rec Room PlayStation VR Open Beta Launch

Increasing numbers of companies and developers are turning their attention towards making virtual reality (VR) into more of an inclusive, social experience. Ahead of the curve on that front is developer Against Gravity, creators of the popular social VR experience Rec Room. It was announced a short time ago that the title was heading to the PlayStation VR, and now players will have a chance to try it out with the upcoming open beta.

Last month saw the launch of a limited closed beta for certain PlayStation VR users in North and South America. According to a post on the PlayStation Blog by Against Gravity Community Designer Shawn Whiting, the response was sufficiently impressive and positive that the developers have decided to launch an open beta on the PlayStation Store from 21st November, 2017.

Rec Room is described as a ‘VR social club’ which allows users to get together in the same VR space and engage in various social mini-games, such as paintball, disc golf or charades, as well as more adventurous epic quests and adventures, or more creative endeavours such as maker pen or sandbox machine.

Rec Room pirate quest

Customisation is a key feature, with players able to style and customise their avatar to their preference, other items such as paintball guns can also be customised, and PlayStation Plus members will receive an exclusive assault rifle paintball gun skin.

The developers have also confirmed that the open beta and the full release will both feature cross-platform compatibility, so PlayStation VR users will be able to interact with friends who own a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, a feature that was missing from the closed beta.

For Rec Room users who enjoy engaging with the quests, Against Gravity have said that a new pirate-themed co-operative quest will go live at some point in early 2018. The development team engage closely with the community, and there are regular chances for players to make their voices heard at the Developer Q&A events held every two weeks.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Rec Room as it becomes available.