Ready At Dawn Prepare Kronos Update for Echo Arena

Echo Arena has become a major success amongst fans of multiplayer virtual reality (VR) titles. Held up as an example of what is possible to achieve by developers working on VR, and has often topped lists of suggestions for multiplayer VR titles. The developers behind Echo Arena are now putting the finishing touches on a big content update, titled The Kronos Update.

Echo Arena is a multiplayer spin off from Lone Echo, a sci-fi exploration/shooter. The upcoming Kronos Update is one of the biggest released for the title. Several changes, new features and updates are being introduced with the update, along with the expected bug fixes and performance improvements.

Echo Arena

With Echo Arena rising in popularity among E-sports enthusiasts and livestreamers, developers Ready At Dawn are introducing Spectator Mode, which allows players to act as spectators, able to view private or public matches in either 3D through a VR headset, or in 2D on a monitor. Public matches will support up to nine spectator players, with private matches supporting up to 13 players in the case of 1 vs 1 matches. The spectator role allows players to watch the action from a wide number of perspectives.

The Matchmaking system is also undergoing improvements, removing the mis-matched team sizes glitch that sometimes occurred, and improving the load times of matches once players are found. The Lobby area has undergone a minor transformation, where five new screens provide players with various bits of useful information, such as how to report Code of Conduct violations, or notifications of big league matches.

Within a match, the Arena barrier has also been revamped, showing information about the current match, such as the current points score, who scored the last goal and various other statistics. In private matches, the Party Leader can now set custom match rules, such as match timers, and Rematch and Restart options have also been added. Private matches will now support up to fifteen players, including spectators.

Echo Arena new

In addition, a number of balance changes and bug fixes have been applied. Further information can be found on the Oculus Store.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Echo Arena as it becomes available.