Puzzle Title Cubiques Moves Into AR

Minimalist puzzle title Cubiques was released on the apple app Store only a few months ago, gaining praise for its clean lines and intuitive gameplay. Lead developer Dilmer Valecillos isn’t satisfied with that, however, and its now leveraging the power of ARKit to bring the title into augmented reality (AR).

Cubiques is a puzzle game that involves moving blocks around a stark, minimalist environment. The object is for the red cube to touch every other tile in the environment. As players advance through the levels different tile types becomes introduced, changing the game mechanics and requiring players to think hard about their route. 70 levels are available in the original title, each featuring clean, isometric designs and relaxing music.

The lead developer is now using the power of Apple’s ARKit to bring the title to AR. A short proof-of-concept video has been released to show how the title would work when translated into AR. You can view the video demonstration below.

Valecillos joins a number of other developers who have begun to use ARKit to adapt existing titles into AR using the powerful new features offered by the ARKit SDK, such as HoloGrid: Monster Battle, or Guns of Boom from Game Insight.

Since Cubiques AR is a relatively straightforward adaption of the title, it has already been approved by Apple and is expected to be released on Apple app store on 9th November, 2017 for users running iOS11 on ARKit compatible devices. It is expected that most of the features from the non-AR version, such as the leaderboard and level select will be ported to the AR version.

With the rise of interest in AR and the popularity of ARKit and Google’s ARCore, it is likely that many more mobile titles will see a transition into AR as developers learn the capabilities of the new technology and incorporate it into their work.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Cubiques AR as it becomes available.