Out Of Ammo Shooting Towards PlayStation VR

Originally released on Steam for the HTC Vive by developer RocketWerkz, Out of Ammo is a popular virtual reality (VR) shooter that combines wave shooter elements with tower defence. The developers have now teamed with publisher Zen Studios to bring the title to the PlayStation VR.

The main gameplay of Out Of Ammo is ‘Survival’ mode, which involves the player acting as the general on a battlefield, co-ordinating the building of a base, placing buildings and defences in the right spots, issuing orders to troops and even calling in bombing raids. When the enemy gets too close, though, players can get right in on the action by taking control of one of the troops. Players can control a Rifleman and pick off enemies from a distance, a Medic to get troops quickly back on their feet, repair your fortifications as the Engineer or blow the enemy to bits as the Rocketeer.

The varied locations were a highly-praised aspect of the original title, so of course they make a return to in the upcoming PlayStation VR version. Players can try out urban combat in the City map, take on the harsh Desert, or test their skills on the World War 2-inspired Beachhead map, or the Alpine, Port, Forest or Contact maps.

For players who want a more intense experience, there are additional modes, such as Icarus, which is played entirely in first-person as the player is trapped behind enemy lines, forced to scavenge ammo and supplies in an effort to stay alive until rescue arrives. Or players can take on Vertigo, a cyber-warfare challenge where players need to hack a computer console whilst being under attack by guards. Or there’s Overwatch mode, where you take the role of a sniper, trying to protect the passengers of a crashed helicopter from encroaching enemy forces.

Out Of Ammo will be available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store from tomorrow. Users who place a pre-order will get a free copy of CastleStorm VR. Out of Ammo is due for release some time in Winter 2018.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Out of Ammo as it becomes available.