New PlayStation VR Demo Kiosks Popping up in the US

Virtual reality (VR) has one of those weird positions in the technology industry where the general consumer doesn’t really understand it until they’ve actually tried an immersive experience for themselves. Which is why the main headset manufacturers ensured there are demo units in retailers for people to have a play and see for themselves. Knowing the importance of this, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is rolling out new kiosks across the US with several of the latest VR titles to play.

Unlike PlayStation 4 where consumers are already well versed in what they’re buying, PlayStation VR is a bit more of an up sell. It’s seen as an add-on rather than a whole new entertainment experience, but that’s a fight SIE is winning. A recent report by technology market analyst firm Canalys showed that PlayStation VR massively exceed the sales of its PC-based counter parts in Q3 2017, and that’s likely to continue into the latter half of 2017 due to the recent Black Friday deals, videogame exclusives, and this current push to get more demo units out into the wild.

gran turismo sport screenshot 2

At these demo kiosks visitors will be able to try Gran Turismo Sport, DreamWorks’ Voltron VR Chronicles, SUPERHOT VR, Dino Frontier, Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV and Survios’ Raw Data. 

To find out where the kiosks will be appearing near you, head to the PlayStation website and enter your zip code.

Additionally, SIE has revealed that for today and tomorrow only, PlayStation VR will be available at select Amazon pickup locations across the country, so you can grab your parcels and play some VR titles while you’re at it.

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