Merge Cube Hits Milestone with 1 Million Units Sold

The ability to interact physically with augmented reality (AR) holograms may seem like something out of science fiction, but it is possible with the Merge Cube from Merge VR. Since the product’s launch earlier this year, it has proved successful, and has now passed a significant milestone of over 1 million units sold.

The Merge Cube is aimed at children, giving them something physical to hold that can then provide a selection of content designed to be fun, educational and family-friendly, featuring mini-games such as a virtual pet called an Octopet, or educational content such as Galactic Explorer or a holographic anatomy lesson titled ‘Mr Body’.

The Merge Cube is available to buy from Walmart, Best Buy and Target, as well as online through retailers such as Amazon. Merge VR believes that many of the devices sold so far are intended to be Christmas gifts. Lending credence to this suspicion is the fact that Merge Cube has been identified as one of 2017 hot holiday gifts by publications such as Toy Insider and Good Housekeeping, and has even scooped up awards such as the Good Housekeeping Best Toy Award, and the National Parenting Products Award (NAPPA).

Merge Cube Package

Merge VR are still hard at work ensuring there is content available for the Christmas season, however. Developers who have an app suitale for use with the Merge Cube that can be made ready for release by 25th December, 2017 are encouraged to get in touch with Merge VR immediately so the app can be reviewed and submitted to the Merge Cube Miniverse website.

The company have been supportive of smaller and independent developers, earlier this year launching a $1 million (USD) fund to help developers build apps for the Merge platform – not just the Merge Cube, but also Merge VR’s line of VR goggles.

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