Hands-on with PlayStation VR’s Blood & Truth

Those who doubted Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE’s) investment in the PlayStation VR and haven’t bought one due to lack of content must have been plesantly surprised at the large amount of virtual reality (VR) videogames recently announced, such as Megalith, Bow to Blood, and Apex Construct to name a few.

Blood & Truth screenshotIf fans of the PlayStation VR tried PlayStation VR Worlds when it came out and enjoyed ‘London Heist‘ they will likely be plesantly surprised with the PlayStation VR exclusive videogame Blood & Truth, currently expected to launch in 2018. VRFocus tried the videogame at Develop:VR where there were two different types of demos available. A more in-depth preview that took our journalist Kevin Joyce around 10 minutes can be found here. The video preview below is based on the shorter five minute demo that focused primarily on a casino shoot out and chase/interrogation scene.

Blood & Truth puts players into the shoes of elite special forces soldier Ryan Marks as he desperately tries to save his family from a gangster overlord in modern day London. Taking full advantage of the PlayStation move controllers, users click on the move button to jump from one marker to another. Adopting the node mechanic for movement that was used in Oculus’s Rift Arktika.1, it allows players to choose from pre-designated points. This enables players to simultaneously shoot and move in a space at the same time. Though during the chase sequence in the hotel corridors this is not enabled, it helps when you can shoot fire extinguishers and everything slows down, allowing you to take a shot at enemies as they appear. When Nina from VRFocus tried the demo, she did not feel any simulation sickness at all when using the node mechanic or the chase scene where this was disabled.

Blood & Truth asks players to pick locks, plant bombs, break into enemy hideouts and interrogate Marks’ victims, where you have the option to be nice or become more aggressive. Nina talks more about the Blood and Truth in the video preview below, where she discusses the various types of gameplay you can adopt, what it was like playing the five minute demo and what to expect when playing Blood and Truth.

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